Alfen fences

All operations are performed using the latest processing technology - CNC machining centres . We rely on our own know-how, which we have acquired over many years of manufacturing aluminium products - this year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary!

Unprecedented durability of the paint surface

The culmination of the production process is painting in our own powder paint shop. During the painting process, we use the latest technology for chemical surface preparation, which makes the varnish coating unprecedentedly durable. Systematic salt spray tests confirm the quality of the surface protection at C5 corrosivity category level.

Our offer

Our offer

We place great emphasis on innovation in our work, as evidenced by more than a dozen patents and protection certificates granted by the Polish Patent Office.

Alfen offers :

  • Sliding gates, also "without counterbalance"
  • Double-leaf gates, also so-called "bifold gates".
  • Gates on rollers
  • Wickets
  • Panels, also "with hidden post" - width up to 6 m.b.
  • Postal panels with integrated intercoms
  • Automation for entrance gates


The modern Connect Box by ALFEN is the answer to the needs of builders and the ever advancing fencing trends. The post, like all ALFEN brand products, is constructed in 100% powder-coated aluminium without the use of welds, which guarantees the highest quality and incredible durability and resistance to weather conditions.

What makes our Connect Box different from others?

  • 100% aluminium
  • the highest quality of the entire fencing market
  • an original design that meets the highest demands
  • multifunctionality
  • classic, timeless design tailored to the customer's needs
  • simple assembly

Join the thousands of satisfied Alfen customers!

Every year the number of users of our products increases by more than 1000 families!

Comprehensive implementation of a modern fence operated by our partner company Olbud from Straszyn near Gdansk . The fence consists of two infill patterns; a modern, vertical R09 and N06 in a gapless design, ensuring maximum privacy inside the property. The metal elements have been incorporated into modern, wide KOST-BET Medium blocks in White.

Delivery and installation of a modern aluminium fence Alfen model N06. The sliding gate was fitted with a 'no counterbalance' system from the Austrian manufacturer.

Video courtesy of our trusted partner, the company Olbud from Straszyn near Gdansk

A film made after the comprehensive implementation of the fence, which included the construction of the architectural concrete wall and the installation of the Alfen model N01 fence.

Video courtesy of our partner company Kujawa fences from Kalisz

30 years of experience in the metal industry, products characterised by high durability and excellent durability of the paint surface - these are the most important features which characterise our modern aluminium fences. Thanks to our proposals, you can create the space in front of your house of your dreams, and we have quite a lot of such options, which allows you to find one that meets various expectations.

Examples of modern aluminium fences

In our assortment you can find complete elements of property fencing, which are intended to combine durability with very striking aesthetics. Such possibilities are provided, for example, by products such as:

- different types of gates, including primarily: sliding, double-leaf and also without counterbalance,

- panels,

- wickets,

- entrance gate automation.

In addition, each of these options is available within differentiated product groups. This diversity lies in the many types of aluminium fencing - distinguished by shape, size, but also by the arrangement of the slats and the spacing between them. In this way, a variety of effects can be achieved, at least one of which is sure to meet your expectations.

Key benefits of our modern fences

We have already mentioned our extensive experience and this is certainly one of the main strengths of the services we offer, but it is not the only one. During this time, we have gained skills in the production of aluminium fencing, which is our speciality. In addition to this, we have developed a system of proprietary profiles, thanks to which we can manufacture our products in the highest quality and with attention to the smallest details. It is also worth mentioning that we have our own powder coating plant, thanks to which we can create a coating with the highest level of protection against corrosion.

If you are interested in our range, we invite you to take a closer look at our proposals. We are convinced that, through the wealth of choice, you will find it difficult to choose just one best option from among the many interesting designs.