Entrance gate dimensions - what size will be suitable?


Entrance gate is an important element of any home that affects its aesthetics, security and functionality. Choosing the right dimensions for the entrance gate is therefore extremely important to ensure comfort and convenience during its use and to increase the value of the property. In this article, we will present the most important information on the dimensions of the entrance gate.

Entrance gate height - how high should it be?

The height of the entrance gate is one of the most important dimensions to consider when choosing a gate. First and foremost, it's worth considering what kind of vehicles will be travelling through your gate - are they cars, vans or perhaps lorries? Depending on this, you need to choose the right height for your entrance gate.

In construction law height of entrance gate has not been regulated. It is usually assumed that the gate is the same height as the entire fence. its height must not exceed 2.2 m calculated from ground level). If this is not the case, you must report the construction of the fence to the officials. A standard gate height is assumed to be about 1.5 m, which is usually sufficient for the comfortable passage of most cars and vans. 

Entrance gate width - what will be the right width?

Entrance gate width is another important dimension to consider. In this case, it is worth considering the amount of space you have available, as well as the width of the vehicles that will pass through your gate.

The standard width of an entrance gate is around 3.5 metres, which is sufficient for most cars. However, if you want to ensure easier manoeuvring and comfortable parking, it is worth considering increasing the width of the entrance gate up to 4 metres.

Gate dimensions - what else should I pay attention to?

In addition to height and width, it is worth paying attention to other important dimensions of the entrance gate, such as:

  • Profile thickness - the thicker the profiles, the greater the stability and resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Gate weight - the heavier the gate, the greater the stability and safety. However, bear in mind that this may affect the need for a more sophisticated operator.
  • Distance to adjacent elements - it is worth ensuring that the gate has sufficient distance from adjacent elements such as walls, fences or trees to avoid collisions during opening and closing. You should also bear in mind the space for the operator - important in the case of a double-leaf gate.
  • Type of opening - it is worth considering different options for opening the entrance gate, such as swinging or sliding, depending on your preference and the amount of space available.
  • Material - entrance gates are available in a variety of materials, such as metal, wood or plastic. It is advisable to choose a material that best matches the architectural style of your home, is weather-resistant and easy to clean.

What are the dimensions of sliding, double-leaf, bifold gates?

The dimensions of a sliding gate should be appropriate to the dimensions of the site where it will be installed, as well as the size of the vehicles that will be moving through the gate. Sliding gates are ideal for properties that do not have sufficient space to fit a swing gate. A height of approximately 1.5 m and a width of between 3 and 5.8 m is standard. On the other hand, the dimensions of a double-leaf gate are usually 1.5 m high and approximately 4.0 m wide. 

Bifold gates are an elegant and functional solution for property entrances, which have an extremely aesthetically pleasing appearance and are available in a variety of sizes. The standard height of a bifold gate is approximately 1.5 m and the width is approximately 4.0 - 5.0 m. 

Choosing the right dimensions for the entrance gate is crucial to ensuring its functionality, aesthetics and safety. It is necessary to pay attention to the height and width of the gate, as well as other important dimensions such as the thickness of the profiles or the distance from adjacent elements. When choosing an entrance gate, it is also worth considering the type of opening and the material from which it is made. In this way, you can be sure to choose a gateway that perfectly meets your expectations and needs.

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