Balcony railings

Aluminium balustrades are the perfect complement to the front fence.
We offer two types of mounting - on the balcony slab or to the façade.

More information coming soon - please contact one of our sales staff.


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Balcony balustrade - design and quality for years to come

Everyone has had the opportunity to see thousands of balcony railings of various styles in their lifetime. You only have to look at any block of flats to see dozens of such constructions. On the one hand, they have a practical function - fencing off the balcony area - and on the other hand, they are a striking decoration. Reconciling these roles is not easy, but it is possible if you choose aluminium balustrades of the right quality, designed and made by specialists. These are the models we offer to our customers.

We are convinced that the products will not disappoint the expectations of the most demanding people. They will not only adorn the external structure of the building, but also protect the balcony area where adults and children move around. The balcony balustrade from our offer will be a purchase for many years. It will emerge victorious from difficult "duels" with the weather, from extreme temperatures to snowfall or rain. Do you need detailed information? Just give us a call.

Precision-crafted balustrades made from the best materials

How can you tell if a balcony railing is of a high standard? First and foremost, the materials used in production are important. Only the best materials, will adequately resist damage or deformation. The material should be properly protected so that it remains insensitive to weather conditions. Every aluminium balustrade in our range meets these requirements. You can trust us in this matter, because we have been producing fences for several decades. We are experienced specialists.

When choosing the ideal product, attention should be paid to structural details such as the joints of the elements. Only precisely designed and then manufactured balustrades will be sufficiently stable. Given the considerable heights at which aluminium balustrades are often installed, this is of considerable importance. We are able to guarantee satisfactory parameters because we have developed a proprietary aluminium profile system with above-average properties. We invite you to purchase or contact us!