Vertical fences

The models in this group are characterised by the vertical arrangement of the lamellas. They are constructed with rectangular-shaped profiles. The laths range in size from 40mm to 100mm. A classic form of fencing in a modern version. The vertical laths are finished with aluminium or plastic caps. In this group, the recently popular "protruding from the ground" fence design stands out in particular. - R09.

If you would like to purchase vertical fences in classic shapes but with a modern twist, our proposals from the R group should appeal to you. Within these options, we have prepared products which have several features in common. These include, above all, the vertical arrangement of the lamellas, which vary in size. Their size varies from 40 to even 100 mm.

Examples of features of modern vertical fences

Our range includes almost 10 interesting options that have different features, which are very practical and at the same time have many aesthetic qualities. Examples include the various ways in which the slats can be mounted - either inside the frame or on the frame itself with their wider side. In some cases, it is also possible to attach them to the frame with the narrower side.

An additional feature that unites virtually every option available from us is the possibility of using any gap between the individual lamellas. In addition to this, it is also worth mentioning that you have many options to choose from in terms of the finish version of the installed lamellas. These include aluminium, but also plastic. In addition, the available variation includes the shape of the endings, which can be flat or semi-circular. For reasons of greater strength, as well as aesthetic effect, some proposals involve attaching the lamellas to the foundation below ground level.

Modern vertical fencing for our customers

Buying modern fencing of our productionYou get a careful finish, durability and protection from uninvited guests. We use our many years of experience in the industry to create robust products that will delight our customers. We have been successful in doing this for many years, and the proof is in the ever-expanding circle of buyers of our goods, not only from Poland, but also from many other European countries. If you wish to join them and gain solid and impressive vertical fences, we encourage you to contact our company and choose one of the many available options.


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