The modern Connect Box by ALFEN is the answer to the needs of investors and the ever advancing fencing trends. The post, like all ALFEN brand products, is constructed in 100% powder-coated aluminium, which guarantees the highest quality as well as durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Equipment and construction

The Connect Box consists of: intercom or video intercom, letterbox, illuminated house number and optional LED top light. The proprietary design of the letterbox and the protection of the rear door with a seal effectively prevent water leaking into the post.


The main task of an intercom is to communicate between householders and people in front of the fence. One of the models we offer is the HIKVISION brand video intercom, which has additional useful functions such as:

  • Automatic taking and storing of pictures in case of non-response to a call button
  • Built-in WiFi module for routing calls directly to your mobile phone application
  • Remote opening of wicket and gate

You can also use a simplified version of the Connect Box with intercom (without camera) or we will make a hole to allow the installation of any intercom you have.
In addition to standard correspondence, the letterbox will also accommodate small parcels (max. 340x250x50mm).

Timeless design

The laser-cut house number with illumination, the height of the post on a made-to-measure basis and the possibility of choosing a two-colour version will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and guarantee both the uniqueness of the product and a unique design.

Simple installation

The Connect Box ALFEN has been designed so that it can be installed without additional posts or walls. Thanks to its reinforced walls, it is the wicket rail or fence panel that can be attached directly to it.


The dimensions of the base and canopy are 500x285mm, while the post itself is 490x275mm. This is due to the fact that, in order to maintain the tightness and stability of the structure, the base and canopy extend beyond the contour of the post by 5mm on each side. Height? In this case, we give you any dimension between 1250 and 2100mm. Remember, however, that for comfortable use of both intercom and video intercom, the external panel should be at a height of approximately 1500-1600mm from ground level.

What makes our Connect Box different from others?

  • 100% aluminium
  • the highest quality of the entire fencing market
  • an original design that meets the highest demands
  • multifunctionality
  • classic, timeless design tailored to the customer's needs
  • simple assembly

HIKVISION DS-KIS703P video door phone
  • Built-in FullHD camera
  • Lens with an extra-wide angle of view of approx. 144°
  • 7″ touchscreen monitor
  • Operation of two entrances (e.g. wicket plus gate)
  • Automatic taking and storing of pictures in case of non-response to a call button
  • Built-in WiFi module and Hik-connect mobile app (Android , iOS)
  • External panel made of aluminium
  • External panel dimensions: 170x100mm
  • Uniphone dimensions: 85x218x55mm
  • Power consumption during operation/sensing: 7W / 0.5W
  • Operation of one entrance - wicket or gate
  • DIN rail power supply
  • Required cable min. 5 cores
Hole for customer intercom
  • For an additional charge, we will make a hole or holes for the intercom of your choice
  • We make holes only on the basis of submitted drawings
  • We do not calculate the dimensions of the opening after the intercom dimension is given
  • We do not accept liability for the method of installation or the tightness of such installation

Other strengths of our product
  • The large rear door has a rubber seal
  • Can be shortened to fit below paving block level, three dimensions: standard, 50mm raised, 100mm raised
  • Choice of left or right-hand door
  • Illuminated property number as standard
  • Maximum sign height is 150mm
  • Optional LED light under the pillar roof
  • Concealed cable grommets inside the post between the upper and lower spaces, resulting in a "clear letter space"
  • The only one available on the market made in 100% aluminium
  • Any height
  • Sturdy design - possible mounting of wicket door trim or panel to side walls of post
  • The recommended placement height for an intercom camera is approximately 1500-1600mm
  • Wide inlet opening - 340mm
  • Two slot heights - choice of 40mm or 55mm
  • The use of a higher slot allows small consignments to be placed in the post
  • Integrated water drainage underneath the drop flap