Horizontal fences

The models in this group are characterised by a horizontal arrangement of the lamellas. They are constructed from rectangular or parallelogram-shaped profiles. The lamellas range in size from 50mm to 200mm. Thanks to the wide range of configuration possibilities (size, shape, arrangement and spacing between the lamellas), the models in this group can be adapted to both very modern architectural designs and classic houses.

Louvered fences for your home

They will secure the area of your property and, on top of that, look great. We present the "top of the range" louvre fences. They are the leaders in their group and stand out for their above-average workmanship. In addition to louvre designs, we offer modern models made of horizontal slats of various sizes. These products will emerge victorious from more than one test. They will surprise you on the one hand with their resistance to mechanical damage and on the other with their weather resistance. Especially the latter is of great importance when you consider that the climate in Poland can be very capricious. Horizontal fences have to cope with a whole range of atmospheric phenomena, from rain, through snow and hail, to intense heat. If you need a sturdy fence, it is not worth taking the risk by reaching for untested products. Only the best models will effectively secure the area around your house, block of flats or yet-to-be-developed plot of land, becoming a barrier to wild animals, for example. Thousands of people have already reached for our louvre and horizontal fences; it is worth joining this group.

What makes our fences stand out?

We supply unique horizontal fences. Their characteristic feature is the longitudinal arrangement of the slats. The products are made of profiles of one of two shapes - parallelogram or rectangle. Thanks to this structure, and with sizes ranging from 50 mm to 200 mm, they look very impressive. What catches the eye is their dynamic and streamlined line. It pleasantly attracts attention and does not become boring even after prolonged observation. The design use of the fences is all the more simple because you can freely adjust their arrangement and the spacing between the individual slats to suit your individual needs. According to your own preferences, you will design louvre fences for modern houses or classic estates. In summary, the products are distinguished by their great versatility, which is undoubtedly one of their greatest advantages. We supply accessories with a considerable lifespan, which even after many years look as good as at the beginning. We are convinced that the horizontal fences from the catalogues will be a successful purchase.


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