We care about the environment

A LFEN Aluminium Fencing is not only about perfect workmanship and unparalleled attention to detail, it is also about the highest quality materials used in production and proprietary profiles and solutions. Thanks to our own aluminium profile system, the production process is very efficient and environmentally friendly. All operations are carried out using the latest processing technology - CNC machining centres.

Dbamy o środowisko


All operations are carried out using the latest processing technology - CNC machining centres . We rely on our own know-how, which we acquired during 30 years of manufacturing aluminium products. We manufacture fences to the dimensions specified by customers, but also according to our own design patterns. We apply innovation in our work, which is confirmed by several patents and protection certificates granted by the Polish Patent Office.


We want to run our business in such a way that it can grow in the long term by responding to different needs. Our mission is to simplify the lives of our customers every day . We do this by promoting sustainable lifestyles, positive social and environmental impact and responsible business practices. We have adopted and are pursuing a strategy that defines our ambition with three letters : ESG


We have set targets in the area of environmental protection. These include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and seeking circular models of operation

  • We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    in the period to 2026 by 25% relative to 2020
  • We are betting on so-called circularity. We want to achieve paper neutrality after 2025, i.e. we will recover and reuse 100% of paper put on the market.
  • We emphasise the purchase of raw materials from our suppliers, where there is an increase in the proportion of scrap in products extruded from low-emission ingots.
  • We only use wood harvested from responsibly managed forests in our packaging, as confirmed by the international FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

Renewable energy sources, the use of which does not involve long-term shortages, are our hobby. We realise them through the photovoltaic installation that powers our production. We are energy neutral.

S-social responsibility

  • We have made a commitment to promote solutions that favour healthy and sustainable lifestyles (e.g. by promoting investment in green energy)
  • We counteract the waste of energy (especially in own operations)
  • Introducing services to facilitate a sustainable lifestyle for customers, e.g. by being able to recharge the batteries of their electric or hybrid vehicle on our premises.

In employee matters, we emphasise diversity and organisational culture including levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

G-corporate governance

We improve the agility of our organisation based on best management practices, transparency and reporting based on the best international standards.

Our most valuable asset is trust. A modern business must be credible and transparent in its communication. We use a variety of tools and forms of communication and benefit from ongoing access to relevant information, including non-financial information.

This is how our understanding of the importance of ESG in modern business management can be summarised. Without trust, there can be no financial and non-financial value creation, and without value created - success. Create it with us.